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Q: I received a defective/damaged product, can I get its value back?

If the product you received is damaged or if there is a defect, you can return the product within 14 days from the date it was received
provided that it is in the same condition that you received it with the original box intact or the packaging intact, as soon as we receive the returned product
we will examine it, and if it is found that the product is defective or damaged, we will refund the value of the product paid with any shipping fees that were
paid within one week from the date of your request to return the product.

Q: I received the wrong item, how do I return it?

In unusual circumstances where the product received is wrong, you can return the product in the same condition that you received it with the
original box intact and/or the package intact. Once we receive the returned item, we will refund the payment as long as the return is done within 14 days.

Q: When is a "return" not possible?

There are some cases where it is difficult for us to support the return:
1. If the return is requested outside the specified time frame, which is 14 days for defective or non-conforming products from the day of receipt.
2. If the product is used, damaged, or not in the same condition that you received it.
3. Certain non-returnable categories such as underwear, cosmetics, and socks ... etc.
4. Defective products covered by the manufacturer's warranty
5. Any consumable product that has been used or installed.
6. Products bearing a serial number that has been tampered with or was fake.
7. Anything missing from the package you have received, including price tags, stickers, original packaging, complementary accessories, and accessories.
8. Fragile products related to personal hygiene

Q: I changed my mind; Can I return what I bought?

If you change your mind before receiving your product, just contact us to cancel your order or through your account on the site, and we will return
the amount paid with any shipping fees applied, but if you want to return the product, do not receive it from the delivery representative, taking into account
the rules mentioned below :

1. The product should not be on the "non-returnable products" list.
2. The product should not be from the liquidation goods, which is clearly stated as non-returnable.
3. Only products whose "retail packaging" has never been opened (closed box / riveted) and still have the original seal, can be returned.

Q: What products cannot be returned?

Products that cannot be returned are:
1. The product should not be from the liquidation goods and it is clearly stated that it is not subject to return.
2. When the offer notes specifically state that the product cannot be returned.
3. Products that fall under the types mentioned below: Underwear,Lingerie,Socks,Software,Music albums,Books,Swimwear,Cosmetics and perfumes.
Female socks
as well. Any consumable products that have been used or installed cannot be returned. As described in the Consumer Protection Law and its implementing
regulations and the Non-Returnable Products section.

Q: How long does it take to receive a returned product?

Usually, a shipping company representative will contact you within 3-5 days from the day you requested the return.

Q: Can I make an appointment with the shipping company to return an item?

At the moment, you will not be able to contact the shipping company directly. However, as soon as the representative of the shipping company contacts you
to receive the product, you can provide him with your preferred time...

Q: How can I refund my amount if the method of payment is a credit card?

If you paid by electronic means (credit or debit card), the amount paid will be refunded to your card. The amount paid may take up to two weeks at most to
appear on your card statement, depending on the time it takes for the bank to complete this process.

Q: I paid through the service “Pay cash on receipt, how will I get my money back?
If you paid through the “Cash on Delivery” service, the amount will be refunded to our representative upon receiving the return or simply transferring the balance
to your personal bank account.

For security purposes, the name on the bank account must be the same as the name on your Mercato wallet and account.

Q: Can I exchange or change a product instead of a refund?

You can call the site by phone and inform customer service to help you

Q: I lost the original box in which I received the product, how can I return it?

We accept returning the product only if it is in its original unopened box or packaging with all labels and barcodes on it, but in this case
please review the Help Center for more information.

Q: What does the “Retail Packaging” mean for a product that has never been opened (closed box / riveted)?

It means that the product is new, unused, unopened, undamaged, and in its original package. The package must be the same as when
it was delivered to you.

Q: Can I return a product through my delivery company or personally deliver it anywhere?

Currently, the product can only be returned to us through one of our shipping companies.

Q: Who pays the shipping fees when returning an item?

You can return the product for free within 3 days and 14 days for products that are defective or not in conformity with the specifications from
the date of delivery
as takes care of all shipping fees at the first time, and if the return is made again for the same order here, the next shipping cost
will be on the customer.

Q: Where can I find the prepaid shipping label/bill of lading?

Once you submit a return request, the prepaid shipping label/bill of lading will be emailed to you to ensure that the product can be returned for free.
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