Shipping and delivery policy


Shipping and handling policy

Please note that the official working hours are from Sunday to Thursday, with the exception of public holidays. Delivery times vary depending on the shipping service selected

  1. Delivery to the door of the house: the first attempt of one of the employees of the shipping company to deliver the product from ten in the morning until six in the evening from Sunday to Thursday, as you choose the delivery system within 24 hours or 3 days

  2. EVA Online products: The product must be ordered before two o'clock in the afternoon, otherwise the delivery date will be extended to an additional working day

  3. Regular order tracking products: They are available in sellers' warehouses and shipped upon arrival at EVA Online warehouse.

  4. We will deliver your orders in Kuwait through the company's fleet, and with pressure times from time to time, we will use specialized companies to deliver those orders.
  5. Orders will be delivered according to the delivery method you choose. We provide two shipping methods in the delivery, which are the regular delivery within 3 days to most areas of Kuwait or on the same day from 10 am to 6 pm
  6. When delivery is made, you will be asked to electronically sign or sign on the invoice copy, and this signature is a confirmation that you have received the products in full as shown on the invoice.
  7. In the event that it is not present at the specified address, we will deliver the request to anyone present at this address and sign him on the invoice electronically or on the invoice copy, and when any person at the address signs the delivery request, it is considered that the customer has received the items in the invoice.
  8. If the address specified by you was reached and we were not able to deliver the order, we will contact you. If you do not answer the call, please contact customer service to set another date for the order to be delivered.
  9. The customer must inspect the package well before receiving it, and in case there is any problem please do not receive the package
  10. Please report any problem you face with the delivery representative and keen on EVA Online Service

    The shipping policy of the company

Shipping cost varies for the following products:

  • A lightweight but fragile product that needs to be wrapped in a special way (antiques or glass products)
  • Gift packaged item (jewelry, birthday cake)
  • A lightweight product but takes a lot of space in the cargo car (Sleeping pillow, mattresses)
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